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Content vs Web Design : What Affects Purchasing?

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What is the best design scheme for getting a maximum conversion? How to get a maximum business conversion? The success of your online business is contingent upon which factors?

The answer is – there is no technique which guarantees sure as eggs are eggs success, but there are certain conventions formed after a reading a lot of success and failure curves of so many organizations which works as a learning curve for new market entrants.

Some believe that the content is the king and rest other things are complimentary, some opine that colors affect purchasing, wherein some believe it is the design which brings a lot of conversions.

However, we need to understand that all the efforts that we put on our website are ultimately related to marketing and nothing is even remotely isolated from your marketing vision.

What to Look and What to Leave?

As per a study by Putnam titled “Trust and Mistrust of Online Health Sites”, web design element plays a very crucial role in business conversions. This study was carried with a motive to determine whether the design and content mattered for gaining the trust of the audience or not.

The study came up with some surprising facts. It states that design has exponentially double crucial role than the content in earning the mistrust of the audience. It showed that a whopping 96 percent of the people said that they do not trust websites which do not offer a good web design, wherein only 6 percent of them opined that content works as a trust breaker.

Though the study was specifically based on Health industry, but I believe that the same principle is applicable on all the industrial sectors of IT development. Let us see what all element work as a trust breakers from the audience point of view.

  • Complexity or chaos in layouts
  • Unnecessary advertisements and ads popping out of nowhere
  • Difficult to understand or illegible typography
  • Dull and uninteresting background colors
  • Poor loading speed of the websites

Content will Remain Undisputed

The statement that web design is a crucial factor won’t overshadow the fact that content still remains the most important metric for a website. We can assume that some people will certainly leave a poorly designed website but no will ever come back if your website fails to impress them with its content.

Bad content will always pull back the success and as per the same research, 83 percent of the people open that they trust those websites which offer great content. People agreed that they like websites which published content with proper information and are coherent to the topic.

Further, they particularly liked websites which offered surveys, most prevalent questions and age-specific pieces of information. Moreover, according to statistics, 90% of the B2C Marketers have adopted content marketing strategy.

A Beautiful Building with a Hollow Base!

As per an old saying unity has more endurance, thus no single entity on a website can be considered as important. Web design and content can never be treated a single entity as they both have a cumulative role in web development.

As without a good design reader won’t vest their interest in the content. In this highly competitive world one cannot afford to cut loose any of the metrics otherwise the complete website will suffer losses.

Let us suppose that you have built a very beautiful home but no one will purchase it if it not secure and concrete. With good aesthetics, one can successfully attract audiences, but you need a strong content to turn these audiences into business conversions.

Moreover, a single entity creates a response to various factors of your business website.

Know Your Readers!

It is already asserted that “content is the king” and it certainly is the concrete of a website. However, it is seen that there are a lot of visitors which do not invest time in reading the whole content and rather prefer to scan the content.

In order cast an impression on this kind of readers you need to make you content scan-friendly. This means that your content must be crisp and clear and can deliver the message in one go. No one has the time to read your monolithic saga, so deliver them in chunks of a useful piece of information instead of obfuscating the web page with unnecessary details. Your content backed with the graphics or images must work in tandem to keep the interest of the audiences alive.

One needs a skilled editor to make your content strategy work for you. Your website must follow a set style structure and typography standards which must be strictly followed. Moreover, it’s incumbent on the editor to timely change the content as per the current market needs.

A good editor must also check for rehashed content as they are of very less importance and further degrade the performance of your website. Further, the designers and editors must work together to get the best outcome from the website. Some other things which we must avoid to utilize maximum from our content marketing strategy are:

Inappropriate Punctuations are Misleading

I have seen that may websites take inspiration for their typography from a very popular TV sitcom F.R.I.E.N.D.S… Though it is very exciting, it might be very misleading to visitors who were looking for the words friends.

This also decreases the scan-friendly quotient of your website and will further irritate the differently able people who are using audio of their browsers to listen as it will read each alphabet instead of reading the complete word.

Rehashing and Redundancy must be Avoided

Ensure that the content you are publishing on your website’s blog is not a mere rehash of some popular blog post. Moreover, when we talk about the copy-editing of your web pages do make sure that you don’t write a single content again and again.

I would like to quote an example of a very famous Magento extension development company which was flooded with redundant information and this really irked me. If you do not have to share much then don’t share things repeatedly for the heck of it.

Leave the pages blank and more importantly, whitespaces look a lot better than chaos made by abundant content.

Content will certainly never lose its importance as – “It’s only words And words are all we have To take their heart away”

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