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7 Simplest Ways to Create Perfect Typographic Hierarchy

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If you have a dynamic website design and want it to be more effective and attention-grabbing, it is quite crucial for you to create a great typographic hierarchy.

This is something which makes a HUGE difference in sharing significant messages and texts online. If you know how to properly use important visual factors like typeface, sizes, colors as well as white spaces to manage textural elements, this will be greatly helpful for you to put proper emphasis on content to create focused messages for your viewers and readers.

There are at least 7 simplest ways to create a perfect typographic hierarchy which are as follow:

1. Focus on Limited Use of Typefaces

Many designers make the mistakes of using too many typefaces which is totally wrong as using too many of them can be really a bad idea. You must remember that the actual goal of putting hierarchy is to make things clearers not confusing.

The safer and better standard for one design is to use 2 typefaces because using more than two types can cause a distraction for the readers. A good font normally pairs with another neutral font type because one is used in headings while the other is used for the body. If you try to toss one more into that perfect combination, this will may throw off photographic cues.

2. Limbo between Complement and Contrast

The universal principle for designs is to pair serifs with sans-serifs. Serifs is complex but elegant and interesting and when you mesh it with sans serifs that is simple and clear, it can help you create great hierarchy without making too many efforts and without causing any kind of tension.

You can use each for smaller copy and for headings but when you make the decision of creating two pairs of serifs and sans serifs, you need to keep in mind that if you choose typefaces from similar classification, it might have resulted into a LIMBO between contrasting and complementing.

3. Maintain Tone of Overall Context

In most of the cases, it may not be enough to have pairs of serif and sans serifs as both of them need to achieve the same targets. Therefore, it is good to avoid creating a pair of playful sans serif with serious type of serif or a rigid sans serif with decorative type serif.

The overall work context conveys a particular theme and it is up to you to decide how each typeface works with the context.

4. Creating Drastic Difference in Main Points

When we talk about the types, it is basically about the bolder and the biggest elements of the content and if the major point of the context is same as included in body text, readers may not grasp it and navigate to the other sites.

If you really need to create a perfect pitch in the main points, you must create a drastic difference between main points and associated copy and if you really want to give priority to the significant information, you better choose a perfect font pack.

5. Need to Be Tricky in Choosing Sizes

Because different fonts scale differently, you have to be very tricky in sizing of those fonts and you have to be very careful while minimizing or enlarging certain types of fonts.

For instant, if you are minimizing an embellished typeface, you better make it difficult to read and give an unprofessional look to its appearance. Some of the fonts can be used to create elegant headlines such as the use of OpenSans can be great for creating excellent body. It is also used in extra bold or lighter font when working with great headlines.

6. An Excellent Use of Contrast Colors

You can use colors for both adding personalities as well as classifying information but color pop can do much better than telling viewers where they actually need to look for the stuff they need.

It basically impacts emotional perception. Colors can be attached to the emotions but they are also associated with a variety of qualities from the traditional roots. An important factor of visual hierarchy is implication and by the use of hot pink color, you can convey a perfect tone to forward your messages in an amazing way to your viewers who may perceive your message as sassy, intense, sensual or playful.

It will be great to use colors to increase the overall mood of the copy which you might have already been enhanced and improved with typography. Don’t just consider type but you should also consider the color of all important elements including the background.

7. Never Ignore Significance of Whitespace

Another perfect way of delivering a perfect message in a more emphasized manner is the use of white spaces between the texts.

If you are using a design fully stuffed with busy texture, it cannot create a clear hierarchy no matter if you are properly following all other rules. Majority of the readers won’t even bother to read what you are trying to tell them and therefore, you must use white spaces between texts very wisely to put a value to the elements.

In this way, you can describe the overall appearance of the design in a much better way. When we say the perfect use of white space, it does not mean, you must keep your content completely simple. In fact, it simply means you should take the maximum advantage of available space.

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