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How a Top eCommerce Strategy Leads to Strong Sales

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If you are thinking to promote your website and products without a strategy then you are probably following a wrong track. Want to know the secret of strong sales? Well, it does not mean you are expecting something impossible. To attain high conversion rate you must have a strong e-commerce strategy.

So, what all should be there in an effective e-commerce strategy?

Here the key factor is building customer’s trust that will result in an ultimate e-commerce business. Follow the 3 techniques to rock you e-commerce business without any investment:

1. On Page Optimization

It includes changes you do on your website like Titles, description, Headers, Internal-linking, Images, Sitemaps etc. This is one of the most important techniques that will improve your search engine crawlability and SERP presence.

  • Effective Website Design: Rich user-experience is what you cannot compromise with. Effective website design is about making the journey of customers easy from landing page to completion of the order.
  • Content Strategy: Create content that help customers to know every single feature of your product, include images, videos, reviews etc.
  • Page Speed: Well, this can have impact on your SERP presence so be careful! Also, e-commerce site should care about loading speed as it is directly related to conversion rate. The faster page loading speed means the higher conversion rate.
  • Search Options: Advance web search box can speed up the sale process. You can ensure 80% increase in conversion rates.
  • Customer Feedback/Reviews: “Do you know 61% of customers read online reviews before making a purchase?” User reviews tell a buyer how product works in the real world. Moreover people prefer shopping on sites with honest customer reviews.
  • Create How-to Videos: How-to videos are an easy and interesting way to attract people into your content, especially if you sell a niche product on your site.
  • Plan for Mobile eCommerce Website: Users can be engaged into making purchases via Smartphone or tablet anytime and anywhere, so it’s crucial in the growth of e-commerce.
  • Creatively Answer Your FAQs: FAQ pages are a necessary piece of content. It’s always good to break FAQ page into a Q&A format.

2. Off Page Optimization or Optimize Your off-Site SEO

Optimizing for search rankings without making changes to your website is called off-page SEO.

  • Get Involved in Forums: Forums is a great place to engage with your target customers. If your niche has a number of active forums, then start participating on them.
  • Guest Post: Convince the blogger you have something valuable to say that’s of interest to his or her audience, and you can include few links of your website in your guest post.
  • Build an Email Marketing List: Building a list of potential customers’ email addresses can literally drive sales to your store. But to start with this in a right direction you’ll need a professional assistance.
  • Answer Questions on Q&A Sites: Providing effective answers on Q&A sites such as Quora and Yahoo! Answers can help to establish you as an expert.
  • Blog Commenting: Blog commenting will be a poor way to promote your e-commerce store, unless you’re leaving relevant comments on high-traffic blogs in your industry.

3. Social Media Integration

Build a Presence on Social Media Platforms

  • Social media is a powerful platform to spread a message and build a fan base.
  • Social media is a great way for branding, interaction with customers and building your reputation as a quality group.
  • It’s not hard to follow these techniques—it needs a lot of effort and work and if you follow these techniques properly, you will get the desired results.

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