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Is Email Marketing a Helpful Addition to PPC Advertising and Other Paid Marketing Forms?

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The answer is… yes! Email Marketing is a very helpful addition (when done correctly) to any kind of advertising campaign that is already making full use of PPC Advertising or some other kind of paid marketing strategy.

There are now two questions that will probably spring to mind…

  1. The first is, how do we know that Email Marketing is a worthwhile activity?
  2. The second is, how do we improve our Email Marketing so that it does not create the impression of being irritating spam knocking on the Email doors of our potential customers?

This short article will now answer both questions and illuminate all the positive wonder of Email Marketing in a flash!

Why is Email Marketing a Worthwhile Activity?

Email Marketing has to be a worthwhile activity because almost every single person with access to the Internet and therefore with access to your PPC Advertisements have an email account.

What’s more, they have an email account that they go to regularly. Perhaps they have a mobile phone so that their emails arrive at them immediately, wherever they are, day or night.

These people want to receive emails. They want to be connected. They want to know what is going on via email. This is why they choose to have an email account and to remain connected to it 24/7.

In fact, Email is so important that Search Engine Land was kind enough to share the following wacky, but, oh so true, facts about Email with its readers on its site recently:

  1. “Email,” Google says, “is more popular than Elvis, the Beatles, Chocolate, Beer, Justin Bieber (no real surprise there!) and Harry Potter. However, Email is still no competition for Sex, apparently.” Well… thank God for that! That certainly would be a sad day, particularly in the world of marketing where there is nothing that we marketers like to do more than use Sex as a way of getting people to buy our products or services.
  2. One day’s worth of Emails (not including Spam) printed out onto A4 paper and stacked into a pile would apparently produce a stack of paper 2,159 times taller than Mount Everest. Yes!… Email is popular!
    (There were more wonderful Email facts on Search Engine Land to delight the soul of any Marketing Geek, but the gist of this section of the article has been made pretty clear).

So, the issue is not whether or not Email Marketing is a good idea or not. Email Marketing is ALWAYS a good idea. It just depends on HOW you do it. The key to making Email Marketing work for you and the key to getting it to support your PPC Advertising Campaign lies in the way in which you approach it.

So… Keep reading…

Increasing Conversions

How do We Deliver Effective Email Marketing and Not Irritating Trash-Can Worthy Spam?

The following is a list of tips to help you ensure that the Email Marketing you put in place is not going to end up looking like spam.

The list doesn’t cover all the things that online marketers can do to improve this area of Internet advertising, but it covers some of the most effective.

1. Do you have permission from your contacts to send them Email Marketing material?

If you have a database of email clients/customers, make sure that you send a polite email beforehand or even (if you have the information available) make a quick phone call to check that these clients want to receive Email Marketing from your company before you send anything.

If you don’t do this, you are asking for complaints to come rolling in and for bad press to start circulating about you and your business.

2. Choose your moment for Email Marketing carefully.

Do your research and find out when emails are likely to annoy your clients and when they are likely to be well received. This will take time if you leave it all to chance and put in place some kind of A/B testing structure for finding the right moment.

However, if you ask your clients when they sign up whether they prefer to receive their emails in the morning, afternoon or night, for instance, you will be less likely to send them something which irritates them just because it arrived in the middle of other important things.

3. Email Marketing and Landing Pages must be designed for Mobile Devices and Mobile Users.

More and more people are now using mobile device to stay connected with the emails. In fact, it is one of the most popular forms of Internet contact on mobile devices that exists. Even if a client doesn’t use their mobile device to search the Internet for information, etc., they do receive emails to their mobile devices.

Many people read and respond to their emails during dead time, which includes travelling on the subways and buses during the day, for example.

Therefore, if your Email Marketing and the landing pages that this marketing links to are not designed for use on mobile devices, nobody is ever going to read your content. It is just not worth their while waiting for large pages to load to find that they cannot even navigate around properly because of the nature and design of your site.

4. Be Careful with Embedding Images in Email Marketing

Images and always excellent advertising features in any form of marketing, online or offline. However, be aware that in Email Marketing it is always best to have the option to read the emails without having to load the images at the same time.

Images can take time to load, they can interrupt reading space, particular on mobile devices which is where most people read the emails from at present. Therefore, make sure that this option is in place if you want your Email Marketing to work.

5. Say it Quickly!

Whatever you are promoting via Email Marketing, say it as quickly as possible. Our world is full of people who check their emails on mobile devices whilst travelling on the subway because we live in a very busy world.

If your emails are just too long, too detailed and demand any kind of real concentration, they will go straight in the trash. Speak fast and speak about what is necessary. Nothing else.

6. Engage your Clients through Email Marketing and Get Feedback.

Questions in Email Marketing work brilliantly. Ask a provoking question in your email to encourage people to respond to you and get engaged in conversation with your business. If what you ask is interesting enough and a reply can be given instantly and quickly, people will respond.

In this way you instantly have managed to create more interest in your business via Email Marketing, which is something that works excellently alongside something like PPC Advertising that is focusing on sails whilst Email Marketing focuses on generating interest.

7. Can your Email Subscribers Unsubscribe at the Click of a Button?

If your mailing list cannot unsubscribe easily and quickly every single time they receive your email should they so choose to do so, they are going to become very angry email subscribers and might perhaps be so angry that they take it upon themselves to put up some bad press and warnings about you and your business all over the Internet.

Something along the lines of “Don’t sign up with this company, you can never unsubscribe!” for instance is not only going to damage any kind of Email Marketing you have going on, but it is also going to help to destroy PPC Advertising Campaigns through bad reputation.

8. Email Marketing only works with combined with Paid Advertising Approaches.

You cannot build an effective online marketing campaign with Email Marketing alone. Email Marketing is an excellent form of supportive online advertising that works if you already have PPC Advertising Campaigns in place and if you are making use of the Content Network, for example, too.

Speak with a PPC Advertising Expert about how to start up or improve your Paid Online Advertising Ideas and then find a way, together, of implementing an Email Marketing Campaign that will not only complement but also reinforce what you are already doing through paid marketing.

This is fundamental and something that you should look into immediately to make sure that all areas of your online advertising presence are working towards achieving a common goal… the development and success of your business.

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