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Mobile Ad Spending – Expected Future Trends In 2016

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As more and more people are turning away from their PCs and laptops, and switching towards smartphones and tables for their daily dose of online stuff, the market for mobile ad continues to shift too.

Researchers show that mobile ad spending is expected to grow $100 billion worldwide by the end of this year. As mobile is becoming a single medium to connect to the world in no time, marketing professionals are making every bit of it to generate profit.

Mobile ad spending is expected to grow worldwide and the countries that would make the most profit out of it are predicted to be US and China. Current mobile spending, in the US only is likely to go up to or more than $40 billion by the end of 2016.

The revenue on the mobile ad spending in China will likely to cross $22 billion in the same time frame. The analyst also expects the number of mobile users in China to correlate with the amount of ad spending expected in the country next years.

Mobile ad spending worldwide

A look on the countries that has potential to grow as leaders in mobile ad spending:

  • UK – UK has the potential to become one among the countries that can add significantly to the growth of the ad spending on mobile worldwide.
  • Japan – The number of mobile users has increased worldwide, most especially in Japan. Due to this reason, the country is expected to contribute significantly to the growth of ad spending over mobile.
  • Germany – Germany is the next country where the number of mobile users is increasing tremendously and thus it can also add well to the growth of ad spending expected over mobile in coming years.
  • Canada – Canada is the next country that will have significant mobile users by the end of next year.
  • Australia – Australia is expected to be the seventh country down the line in the list of mobile ad spending countries.
  • Brazil – Brazil will take up the ninth position in the list with a huge contribution to the global mobile ad spending.

When we compare the growth chart country-by-country the)US is expected to remain on the top, as the number of mobile users in the country is rising every single day. Studies estimate that spending on the mobile ad, particularly in the US, by the end of this year is expected to the one-third of the worldwide total.

This is also the highest in the world per capita. US advertisers, on average, are expected to spend $565 on paid media to reach to the customers in the country.

China, on the other hand, will spend only $37.01 per person, although country’s large population has helped the country to be the second- biggest nation in mobile ad spending. However, Norway is the country leading the chart after US to spend $538 per person.

Australia has taken the next position after Norway and has gathered the third rank to spend $504 per person in mobile ad spending context.

The growth in the mobile ad campaign is not a surprise as the number of users operating their mails over phones have increased significantly. To catch the most benefit out of it, a number of companies are creating their mobile ad campaign.

The platform is equally beneficial to the advertisers and the users. For marketers, such campaigns generate huge profit and for a user, there is always ease of use.

Advertisement on mobiles and smartphones acts as the key catalyst in the growth of mobile ad spending. The growth of the ad spending is expected to reach $100 billion by the next year as people are likely to choose their mobile first instead of operating their laptops to check a mail.

However, the one big factor that lag the mobile ad spending is the use of features phones. There are certain area where features phones are used greatly. In such areas even if the consumption of smartphones is there, the per capita consumption remains low. India is a prime example of it.

Even some markets lag behind, mobile ad spending in these areas is expected to grow steadily but surely. For such markets, TV is still the best advertisement medium for advertisers. However, as the number of smartphone users will increase, these markets will certainly register their presence in the world of mobile ad spending.

In next some years, the profit with global mobile ad spending is expected to offer huge interest to the companies. This digital ad medium has the potential to lead the markets of ad campaign and bring the world a new experience.


Having the lion’s share of mobile ad spending, US is expected to contribute more than half of the total ad spending worldwide. With this growth, the country will continue to top the chart for some years.

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