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5 Techniques To Follow When Creating Mobile-Friendly WordPress Websites

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Developing mobile-friendly websites is the need of the hour as people have shifted their interest from desktops to mobiles when it comes to checking their emails. More to it, the usage of mobile for operating mails is increasing every day with no signs of dropping in the near future. This compels us to design WordPress websites that can easily be loaded over phones.

Nowadays, mobile devices such as smartphones, wearable as well as tablets are used mostly to access the internet, which offers a reason for your website to be responsive in nature.

Creating a mobile-friendly WordPress website is also important to make your site ranking top in the search engine results. Now Google supports the websites that are responsive in nature and therefore, there is an excellent chance for you to bring traffic towards your website by incorporating mobile-friendly elements into the same.

Creating such a website gets easier if you have the required knowledge. However, if you are not fully aware of the techniques, read more to know and follow the guidelines we have summed up in this write-up.

1. Domain Mapping

Domain mapping helps the site owners to implement a different (mobile-friendly) theme on their websites. The technique does not require any responsive CSS file to deliver browsing experience that is mobile optimized. The method simply asks for a subdomain for the mobile version of the WordPress website.

As soon as a subdomain is configured, a desired mobile theme can be set. This approach will redirect visitors to the mobile version if they access the website with a mobile. However, there is a plugin available for domain mapping in WordPress plugin directory. The plugin helps the users to map their blogs to another domain.

2. The Perfect Hosting Plan

In order to boost the performance of your website, it is mandatory to choose an efficient hosting plan for your website. A bad hosting plan may prove to be the factor behind the poor performance of your website.

The right hosting plan has the capacity to increase the clicks on your website if chosen suitably. It is recommended not to share your website with a common server. It may become the cause for slow loading of your website over a server.

Try to choose a robust plan that adds to the traffic coming towards your website. It is best to choose a company that can efficiently handle such a requirement.

3. Use Responsive WordPress Themes

In an attempt at making your website mobile-friendly, it is an impressive approach to choose responsive WordPress themes. Utilizing WordPress powered themes will ensure automatic adjustment of the images in accordance with the layout of the device on which the mail is being viewed.

Utilizing such themes would additionally help you erase the requirement of adding CSS files. Making use of lightweight themes can also help in adding to the responsiveness element. Choosing responsive design will ensure that the selected design will easily load on an array of devices including mobile phones, laptops, tablets and more, in addition to providing a great user experience to the visitors.

4. Use Quality Plugins

Installing plugins is one of the easiest ways to make your content mobile-friendly. The focus is laid on making the content worth reading while creating a mobile website. Installing the right plugin will help in the loading of readable content in addition to the facility of adding custom content to all your posts.

Moreover, if viewers will have to zoom the page every time they visit the website, they will probably last their sessions within a few minutes and may never come back to the website. It can be a direct loss to the business. Hence, it is recommended to use right plugins.

5. Testing The Website

Testing your WordPress website is the last but probably the most important of all phases. You cannot showcase a website having any of the errors and thus, it is important to test your WordPress website before making it live for the web audience.

It is recommended not to blindly trust your designs and codes and do a quality test of the website that is created. You may use any of the devices to check the performance of your mobile website. It is worthwhile to test your creation on devices, as it is hard to certify a website prior to its testing.

Considering aforementioned guidelines can help you create a functional WordPress website that is error-free and offers great user experience. Your users are the ultimate audience who must have an exceptional experience while browsing the website.

It will count for the success of the website. Improved website visibility over the internet will also help in increasing the rank of the site over search engine results. Hence, keep in minds the points listed here for a robust WordPress website.

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