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5 WP Plugins That Optimize Site For Agile Loading

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The loading speed of a website plays a great role in its success. If a website is taking a lot of time to load, it is most likely to impact its bounce rate.

This is because users are not patient enough to wait for a web page to load for more than 4 seconds (in most of the cases); in fact, mobile users are found to be more impatient than other visitors, and today, the Internet is experiencing dominating mobile traffic.

As most of the users are not willing to wait longer for a web page, they rather prefer moving to your competitors. And, I guess this is definitely not what you want.

Thus, by revving up your website loading time, you can boost your site traffic and generate more conversions. Moreover, SERPs also consider loading speed while raking websites, so with an expedite website, you can ensure a greater visibility.

Luckily, WordPress website owners can proficiently improve their site’s performance and speed by installing suitable plugins. There are innumerable plugins available in the WP repository, you can easily find an array of options to choose from.

However, it often becomes confusing and hard to make an appropriate choice from a huge list. To help you streamline your choice, here is a list of the most useful plugins that can offer a speedy website; let’s explore them.

1. W3 Total Cache

The speed of a site can be improved by taking care of various factors. However, a cache plugin offers a great solution to deliver an enhanced UX. There are several cache plugins available, but the W3 Total Cache makes a great choice.

Its developers claim that this efficient plugin can make your site 10 times better by storing the CSS, JavaScript and images on the server. By doing so, it makes it certain that the site is not required to load from the beginning for every visitor, instead, it displays a static version.

Although, W3 Total Cache offers a blissful performance, WP development skills are imperative to configure this plugin in a site. Moreover, you can further enhance its performance by integrating a CDN service.

2. P3 – Plugin Performance Profiler

While there are several plugins that help heighten a WP site speed, there are a few diagnostic plugin that can evaluate the efficacy of other plugins and check their impact on the speed.

Since, in most of the cases, the extraneous or inefficient elements are found to bloat the load time, P3 helps figure out such plugins for a better performance.

3. Speed Booster Pack

If you want to improve your score on the speed testing services, including Pingdom, Yslow, Gtmetrix, etc., this plugin is an ideal pick. It offers valuable results by moving scripts to the footer, asynchronously loading CSS, loading JavaScript files from the Google libraries, eradicating junk header tags and several other functions.

4. WP Smush

To curtail some crucial load time, you can also check whether the integrated images are optimized or not. Bulky images not only add to the loading time, but also occupy additional server resources for keeping the info that will describe the ways to showcase them.

Although an image editor comes built-in with WP that allows one to edit an image’s size, it can’t alter the physical file size. To use compressed images on your WP site, you may choose to use an online service as there are truckloads of services available on the web.

However, for rapid and reliable results, the WP Smush plugin is a great option. It automatically compresses the images used on the site by trimming the metadata and extra colors, while ensuring a superlative image quality.

5. Plugin Organizer

Since, many times, having numerous plugins in a website also slowdowns the loading speed, it is essential to manage them in a well-organized fashion. As WP loads each active plugin for every page, it is better to implement a plugin only on the requisite web pages.

This can be efficiently accomplished by using the Plugin Organizer. It offers an easy-to-use checkbox system where you can easily define your choice. Moreover, it also allows one to set a priority to indicate the plugins loading order.

These are effective and popular WP plugins that allow one to efficiently improve his site’s loading speed. Get the suitable plugins installed on your site and elevate your potential traffic and deliver prolific UX.

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