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7 Tricks to Reduce E-mail Unsubscribe Rates

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Email marketing is a marketing strategy which if done correctly can result in business success. With that said, it requires a lot of effort and patient before the strategy can start yielding results.

You do not expect to start seeing results a fortnight after starting to run the campaign. Just like any other online marketing strategy such as SEO, it should take you a while before starting to enjoy the benefits.

One important aspect to consider when running an email marketing campaign is to ensure that while on it, you try as much as possible to reduce email unsubscribes which in turn means maximizing your customer retention rate.

The two go hand in hand. You do not expect to succeed with your email marketing campaign when it is almost impossible to retain most of your customers.

There are a lot of marketing resources available both online and offline which can help you figure out the best way to run your marketing campaigns but not all of them will show you exactly how to your email unsubscribe rate.

In this piece, we’ll look at some of the tricks that can help ensure that you’ve maximized your customer retention by reducing your email unsubscribe rates.

1. Do Not Make The Process Too Easy

The danger of making the process too easy is that you risk your customers unsubscribing by mistake. Take this example, if you go for the one-click unsubscribe option, there is a high chance that some of your subscribers might hit the unsubscribe button unknowingly.

This basically makes the process a bit too easy meaning that individuals can just unsubscribe on a whim. Since the process it too easy, you do not have the time or the chance to win them back. On the other hand, making the process too hard makes it frustrating for the subscribers to unsubscribe.

The best way to approach this is to offer your customers an easy unsubscribe option; one which will require a bit of time hence reminding them of the reason why they initially subscribed.

2. Provide Your List With Quality And Original Content

Creating an email list is one thing and it is another thing to retain them. One way of retaining your list is by ensuring that you only share quality and original content with your list. This is the most effective way of bringing value and trust to your audience.

You need to make sure that every time you send an email to your list, the email should serve a variety of purposes; one of them is to share information about your business.

The last thing you want is to bombard your list with promotional messages. Most people find this quite annoying. It is best if you can supply your audience with content that resonates with the different segments of your audience.

3. Experiment With Frequency

With email marketing, it is important to know the frequency of which you’ll be sending emails to your list. Set a calendar which will go a long way in helping you to manage the frequency at which your business will be sending emails.

Make this a priority as it has a tremendous effect on your open and unsubscribes rates. With an email rate, it determines how many individuals on a given email list are open to particular emails.

The frequency of your emails tends to affect the unsubscribe rate because if say you bombard your list with emails, they may end up being irritated by the same hence increasing their unsubscribe rate.

4. Email Segmentation

This is one of the best ways you can adopt if you are looking to reduce the unsubscribe rate. Email segmentation allows you to deliver to your list only the most relevant and customized content.

Try to get as specific as you can with your segments because the more it gets the higher the chance that you’ll be able to deliver content that is able to speak directly to your audience interest.

Those who have already implemented a lead nurturing program can just continue to gather information about the subscriber but should base the same on the subscribers’ behaviors both on and off-site. This will allow you to deliver more personalized emails to your list.

5. Map Your Content

Lead nurturing should help you understand your audience and once you’ve known them enough, you can then go ahead and map your content manually based on their behaviors.

The best way to do this is to create an Excel Spreadsheet or better yet a Google Doc where you can easily organize and determine which content will be sent to your already predetermined segments.

This trick should help you to be specific with your emails and guarantee relevancy. Mapping of your content should be based on your subscribers buying cycle. Content mapping also gives you an opportunity to identify and fill holes within your content strategy which will help with subscriber retention.

6. Your Subject Lines Should Be Simple And Engaging

The secret to retaining your subscribers is supplying them with high-quality content frequently so as to keep them engaged. When writing your emails, you need to make sure that your subject lines are kept simple and engaging so that you can be able to grab the attention of your audience.

This is not always easy but it is rewarding. A catchy subject line should be enough to attract the reader and entice them to open your email.

Try as much as possible to keep the subject line as brief as possible because long ones do not have the same effect. It should be short enough but still be able to illustrate what the email entails.

If you are looking for emphasis, you can use caps throughout. The idea here is to try as much as possible to get your subscribers to open your email. Anything that works for you should be encouraged provided that it gets your subscribers to open your email.

With that said, it is imperative that you make the content as informative as possible. By so doing you can expect to retain your subscriber in the long run.

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