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Major Why’s of WP eCommerce to WooCommerce Migration

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WordPress offers a wide range of eCommerce plugins to launch a successful online store. WooCommerce, WP e-Commerce, Jigoshop, Cart66, Shopp, eShop – it is rather difficult not to get confused in such a great variety of choices.

Undoubtedly, the best CMS platform integration makes each of them a powerful solution for online business. But which of them really deserves your attention and will give an opportunity to your web store to be successful?

Being among WordPress plugins wide range, WP e-Commerce and WooCommerce have gained a good reputation and its army of fans. They both provide a diversity of features and absolute advantages to put the rank on other shopping carts.

Nonetheless, latest tendencies show that more and more e-merchants decide to migrate from WP e-Commerce to WooCommerce. The why’s of such interest can be understood after having a closer look at their strengths and weaknesses.

Steadfast Gaze at WP e-Commerce

For many years WP e-Commerce has been a true friend for the e-merchants who just started their business. The reasons account its simplicity in use and intuitive interface that comes into the notice for non-programmers and just the online retail newbies.

Unlimited possibilities for product management with a great number of marketing tools are surely a hand of help to make customer experience positive and sales to increase. Moreover, offering SEO options web stores have a chance to be highly ranked in search engines, what is a valuable factor in the competitive e-Commerce arena.

However, there is a question which bothers many: “Does everything click into place?”. There are no doubts that perfect is nothing and WP e-Commerce also has something that can come-down its clients.

First of all, bugs can leave not the best impression for the users as even stable versions can have such errors. Of course, the problems are easily solved by contacting to support team, but each ticket needs an extra fee.

Also, owners of large-scale stores will not be amused with growing limitations and inconveniences that may occur.

WooCommerce Outlook

Another WordPress plugin that is hard not to mention is WooCommerce. This solution has made a phenomenal breakthrough since its launch and is considered to be world’s fastest growing shopping cart.

WordPress plugin integration is obviously the major reason that attracts e-merchants, but there are more matters that make e-merchants choose this plugin. As well as WP e-Commerce it can boost flexibility and high customizability that help to concentrate on business issues, but not on the technical ones.

Offering a diversity of discount systems, cross-sells, best offers it is fully stuffed with marketing features to catch customer’s eye. But the most valuable appears to be design possibilities that will help to create a unique and bright store design.

Providing more than 100+ templates WooCommerce appears to be able to fit every taste. Moreover, store management can be improved with numerous add-ons and updates offered on WP marketplace.

When it’s time to list WooCommerce weaknesses, hard to remind any serious fact that will be able to disappoint web store owners. Sometimes there may be a need to use extra plugins to be fully functional, however, they are available in a great number of the users.

Take the Better Choice

All considered the most popular WordPress plugins can really impress with their functionality and opportunities for online business. Comparing WP e-Commerce and WooCommerce, there is a fascinating list of pros and some unnoticeable cons.

Both platforms have enough possibilities to provide great conditions for successful retail. Nevertheless, the absence of even insignificant disadvantages makes WooCommerce overcome its WordPress mate. No wonder why it is best of the best plugins and platforms on e-Commerce market.


How to Move from WP e-Commerce to WooCommerce?

When online retailers decide on WooCommerce, afterwards they have a rather responsible task to choose an appropriate method for migration with no troubles. Three main ways are possible to make the plans come true:

  1. Copy/Paste. A method which saves your money, but takes much time and efforts.
  2. Hire developer. This way is profitable for those who don’t want to perform switch by themselves. But take into consideration the fact that the service is not free and e-merchants have to be ready to pay quite an expensive sum.
  3. Automated migration. There is an opportunity to move from WP e-Commerce to WooCommerce with an automated migration service. Cart2Cart can be a mediator between two stores and provide an accurate and fast data migration. Those e-merchants who have some doubts can try Demo migration to check how the service works within 10-30 minutes.
  4. Therefore, if you feel that your current eCommerce solution is not appropriate for achieving the goals and lacks the features to make you succeed in business, then it’s high time for changes.

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