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Why Being a Simple Blogger Has Never Been Enough To Own Successful Blog

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Trillions of web pages and millions of websites prevalent over the internet, somehow represent one common thing that data can be presented in multiple ways.

You can count on them for business, personal or social reasons, availing the flexibility of showcasing your message via the internet in order to achieve the website goals.

One of the most intriguing ideas that caught everybody’s attention was “weblogs”. As the name suggests, these are the simple blogs available over the web, based on different subjects.

This personal internet space has become one of the most popular methods for sharing your thoughts with the world via your personal website. Now it’s your choice as to which all thoughts you intend to share with the public and how the people would react to end up making your blog successful or just a usual blog available over the web.

So if you are thinking to start a new blog or even if you already have one and are looking to reincarnate it, this post will certainly help you in achieving the common goal of letting your readers stick to your blogging site.

The Very First Step:

Before you dive into the world of blogging, think hard and think very hard about what are your capabilities and what exactly you can write “unique” by being an independent thinker. This will decide the exact direction of your blog.

Your decision must also include as to whether the blog is going to be personal or a professional one. Then decide what would be the preferred name of your blog. Keep different options with you, for example: Is it going to be “secret life of a teen” or “life of a teen” or “a teen’s life”.

The reason is it is quite possible that the same name of a certain blog is already running somewhere else. Here, you need to maintain a proper backup of your blog.

Finding the Chosen One:

At this step, when you have selected your direction, you need to choose a platform for your thoughts. There are number of online blogging platforms available and it would be wise to check which one is better for you.

In this section, I will include some names and specific information about the most used platforms which assist you in deciding about the best one to choose.

This is perhaps world’s number one blogging platform and comes in two flavours:

1. Hosted Blogging Solution: Exactly like blogger.com, here as well, you need to provide a blog address initially on your subdomain, which you can change to your own custom domain at a later stage.

Only a few features would be different than blogger.com but certainly limited when number of features are compared. You can check here the feature list available with Hosted Blogging Solution.

2. Independent Blogging CMS: Its more like website, for which you must need hosting and custom domain. Since its hosted on your server, it comes with endless possibilities of customization for implementing any feature you want. By default, it comes with features which you can check here.

Blog is set up! Now what?

Now its time to write and share your thoughts with others. It is the step where a blogger needs to introspect before publishing any post and after reviewing some successful examples around the world, I noticed few points which almost every successful blog has opted over the period:

About Look and Feel

Although the blog is setup, there are 90% chances that the same is still in its default state or using default layouts. Like every other website, a blog also requires strategical structure for its readers and hence it starts with picking up correct and most suitable theme(if you haven’t opted for a custom theme).

You can check various themes available for free or with a fee (depending on your budget) and try to feel what that theme wants to convey before you choose one. Make sure you select the theme or create one which matches your blog’s soul.

For instance, a gadget-based blog should not be designed with flowers everywhere, rather it should depict pictures regarding different gadgets.

Placement of Elements and Navigation

Once your theme has been finalized, you should think how one of your readers will traverse through the blog. Similar to a website, your theme should also depict a good and strong navigation to various sections (or post categories) within the web pages.

Secondly, you need to be clear on the elements you want to show on your web pages, for e.g. a small bar coming with most recent posts or a list of most liked posts on every blog page would actually intrigue your readers.

A clear comment area would always assist your readers to engage with your posts. Check the below screen-shot for the placement of elements and navigation: A Navigation with prominent indication as to what’s where:

Finished Setting up?

Yes, atleast for now. Next, you need to write your mind and pour in words into your blog posts. Your writing is the one thing which matters most here, rest of the things are just to support your writings, so as to represent them in a much better way.

A blog is successful only if its content is powerful enough to retain the attention of readers. Below, I intend to include some pointers to assist you in delivering engaging content for your readers:

Be Original

Make sure you do not copy and paste some text from one website to yours. Make sure you write 100% original content. Copied content leaves your readers with not so good impression simply because the content they are reading on your blog can be easily found on a different website as well.

So if you are just spreading a news like launch of iPhone 6, make sure you review all possible resources and then write about the same with credits included. Do not exploit the free nature of internet by simply copying or reusing the material of others without appropriate credits.

Write it When it Comes

If you are an active blogger, make sure you have an easy access to the internet, as any idea can come any time. Do not wait for day end or 1 hr or morning, write it that instant only, followed by polishing and publishing the same. Wait can only kill the real feeling of your idea.

Write with your Experience

If you have experienced something, you are the best story teller. So, write when you have experienced things or when you have done research on your own.

Write it for The Readers

You are the blogger not the second person, hence make sure your every post reflects that you are talking to your readers. A person prefers communication and the style of writing with “I” as first person will certainly engage them further.

Get in Touch with Your Readers

Ask questions to your readers, what they want to read next. Go through comments, try to understand what your readers are discussing. Curate content according to feedbacks and your findings and encourage your readers to share their thoughts.

Brainstorm and Then Publish

Its very easy to write when idea comes in your mind but it does not happen every now and then. So, you need brainstorming frequently.

Topic selection, way of writing and most importantly when to publish, all these must be strategized. As you can write a lot, you need to be very selective as to what you are going to publish over your blog. A good blogger knows which post needs further polishing or which one is ready to publish.

Remember writing quality things can only bring success for your blog and not only above mentioned some points would help you to get into your writing zone but also you have to look things with your perspective to understand how they are, With that it’s a wrap on this post which briefed you on some of the vital prerequisites for blogging along with the procedure to set up one which is competent in gathering the attention of a wider group of readers.

If you’re serious about blogging, do stay connected with me as in my next post, I’ll be talking about the multiple ways in which you can earn hefty sums of cash via your writing, instantly.

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