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Color Combination Of A Small Piece Contained In Pocket Matters A Lot

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Do you still believe that spending time in selecting the color combination is a sheer waste? The rules have changed. Let’s change our principles. This post will help you understand a new aspect.

If your card is most innovative in the stack of many you are likely to have the strongest public response. So let’s boost your business by this simple but effective idea.

To ensure the increase in the conversion rate, every aspect of marketing should be covered properly. To send a positive message to your potential customers we need to work on the profile of the enterprise. Business cards and banners are the foremost important aspect effecting positive and negative responses.

The interpretation of the company’s image is greatly determined by Business Cards and Company’s Logo. The first impression is the last impression. Keeping in mind this great quote, to enhance the first impression of the company’s image it is necessary to choose the right color combination.

A faded and dull colored card cannot drive you any new customers. According to scientific reports, it is claimed that color combination affects 62-90% of the interaction. Also, it is said that a regular person can create an opinion about an organization by just looking at the Business card or banner within 90 seconds.

So you can increase the effectiveness of the business cards and banners if they are made more realistic by adding images, maps, associations, references etc. There are over 16 million colors to choose from.

Different colors indicate different sensations to the customers. The different categories of the color are based on their effect on human mind.

  • Cool Colors: These colors are known for their soothing effect. They serve the best purpose for a businesslike approach. Blue, Grey, White, Green are examples of Cool Colors.
  • Warm Colors: This type of colors creates a great enthusiasm and eagerness of the viewers when effectively applied to promotional products. Excessive use of this type can forward some disturbing vibrations resorting to violent activities. Red, Yellow, Pink, Orange are some of the well known warm colors.
  • Neutral Colors: Colors which are used are used for blending of color palettes are known as neutral colors. They are also effective in pointing out attention to the primary colors of the design. Brown, Ivory, Black, Beige are some of the examples of neutral colors.

Let’s try to understand the psychology of few specific colors. The red color indicates energy and can surely attract the attention of everyone. Orange Color is considered as a sign of aggression. It encourages people to subscribe new services. The Yellow Color represents the positive and latest outlook.

So you can choose the variety of unique combinations that suit you need. Now we have moved on and we use more than one color to create a vivid portrait.

Use of eye-catchy colors can attract the immediate attention of the people. For the promotion of ideas, humans have been using the color combinations for centuries.

Also, certain industries have their prefixed colors like the Fashion industry has pink, blue-green, turquoise, royal blue and silver color as its signature style. The Healthcare sector uses dark blue, light blue, green and white color in documentation and other paperwork.

When it comes to Trade Industries, they prefer to use black on white, medium blue, royal blue, and orange for their representation. The effectiveness of right color combination can be tested anytime and you will certainly get satisfactory results.

Along with Color combination also to content and the layout of the Business card or Banner should be designed to pursue your venture. The proper arrangement of contact details and Company information can help you yield unbeatable feedback from your followers.


After realizing the significance of various aspects of Business, it can be concluded on a final note that Business Visualization has proved itself as an important aspect of the Business Administration. For a layman, the content of the book is reflected on its cover.

The color combination of each and every component involved in the Promotion has to be selected in such a way which can create keenness among the viewers. The first impression created in the mind of people has certain effects on the conversion rate and sales register of the company.

When it comes to Business you cannot stake your reputation. So maintain your high level and gain more prospective clients, select your right color combination for your business cards and Banners today itself.

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