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8 Things Should be Covered While Designing Event WordPress Theme

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A website says a lot about your company. It is the ultimate representation of who you are and what you serve to your target audience. Worldwide, more than 25% of the people are using WordPress as the platform to develop their websites.

Moreover, for any type of events, say, conference meetings, seminars or concerts – websites are the most followed practical approach to promote your plans. It is an eminent way to generate interest amongst the people and publicize the details to your attendees. But, before creating a website, here are the 8 points you should consider for must.

1. Responsive Design

In today’s era, people are the gadget freak. They shall visit your domain from different sights of devices. To ensure, consistent user experience onto your website, the Event WordPress Theme you select must be responsive for the users to operate from different perspectives.

2. Strong Branding

Your website is said to be a successful, if and only if, you have a strong branding strategy. The look and feel of your website play a major role to attract the target audience, while – on the other hand, the logo, color schemes, font size and font style also plays a vital role for your visitors to hold onto your site.

3. Event – Specific Content Management

WordPress has minimized the complexity of coding by the plug-ins it provides and also, get you through the easy and personified web development phase. You can manage different contents on your webpage by applying different designs and layouts as suitable for the content of using WordPress Custom Post Types.

4. Speaker and Venue Information Management

For an event-based WordPress Theme, it is a must that you select a design that matches the measures of your thought for a website. It should not be an un-conference style, with no speakers or any pre-planned sessions. Rather, schedule and store the format that is going to be held in the course of the event.

5. Video & Images

Putting on the images to the webpage will make your visitors more clear about what he/she might be expecting the type of event it could be. So, what images can you include to make it more appealing to the visitors!

  • Images of the previously held successful events
  • Images of the venue
  • Most popular acts of the events
  • Your team

Also, you can attach a quality video for the visitors to have a tour of your venue.

6. Date, Time and Location

You can also add a count-down clock or embed a Google Map which shall simplify the needs of your attendees – to locate the event nearest to them and check the availability at the specified dates.

7. Payment Gateways

Integrating your website with trusted payment gateways like Stripe or PayPal – shall help you process the sign-ups and provide a one-stop solution for your attendees to register for the event.

8. Social Media Sharing

Social Media is the trending word of mouth taking you another step ahead in order to make your event a grand success. Not only it brings you more traffic, but also, sharing the posts and increasing the followers shall expand the reach of your event as well as keep them updated. Further, you can include tactics like using hashtags for your event on social media.


When it comes to designing an event website, make sure, the theme you choose should match the objectives of your company or organization.

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