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Not having these free web resources might make you a Rookie!

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What every techie needs is premium resources to accomplish the task at hand. These resources bring forth the designs quickly and easily. They help in reducing time as well as finshing tasks in a zippy.

Today DealFuel brings you one such galactic bundle of resources which every techie out there will be thankful for! They have collaborated free web resoucres from Jtags, WP Plugins, Templates , courses to a shopping cart! Well, thats quite a lot!

DealFuel is ‘the’ place for all your techie purchases. They provide you all the resources either for free or at unbelievably marked down prices! Lets get started with the freebie ride we have totted up just for you!

1. Joomla News Ticker

If you are running a Joomla Website then this captivating news ticker will help you to show articles in a BBC news style animation!Not having these free 01

2. Silverback Template

This feature packed template comes with highly responsive layout, responsive slider, mobile menu, modal pop-ups and much more! Get this exciting template to create peppy websities.

Not having these free 02

3. Banner rotation widget

Sparkly , animated websites are sure to catch those much needed eyeballs. This widget will rotate your ads, display product information and videos! Use this handy tool for unlimited videos and images.

Not having these free 03

4. Colossus HTML5 template

Leave an instant impact on your viewers and get them bewitched with this responsive HTML5 template. Keep you social shares high by connectng with your audience via Facebook and Twitter buttons.

Not having these free 04

5. Generate Privacy Policy within minutes!

Keep your advertisers network happy by adding a privacy policy to affiliate sites. Not adding a privacy policy to your website will make you running for a cover. GO ahead and generate it within minutes on your WordPress website.

Not having these free 05

6. WP Theme Matching Zencart Template

Managing products and designing your e-store has never been so easy. Get this amazing WordPress theme and a matching template to run your e-store with easy and class!

Not having these free 06

7. Avactis Shopping Cart

This PHP based shopping cart is all you need if you aree looking to sell stuff online! This SEO friendly cart can be integrated with any existing website.

Not having these free 07

8. Fullside WordPress Theme

Homepage featured posts, static featured area, widget ready area, footer widget ready areas, Breadcrumb options .. this Theme has it all!! Create a corporate website today with this elegant theme

Not having these free 08

9. ImpactPageBuilder Lite

Take control your over pages and posts! Don’t get boxed up with WordPress Themes. It gives you all the tools to create dynamic templates for your WP pages and post.

Not having these free 09

10. Bajigoor Portfolio Theme

Showcase your best projects online with these beautiful and elegant design theme. It comes with a 6 portfolio page templates.

Not having these free 010

11. Adobe Illustrator Course

Let your creative juices flowing with this creative Adobe Illustrator course. Create amazing effects and appearances and work with pen tools, colors, patterns and much more!

Not having these free 011

12. Jtag Helpdesk

Improve customer service by reducing the time spent in managing support tickets. From email support management to interactive views for support tickets it has reimaged and rewritten code to the splashy new interface.

Not having these free 012

13. Universal Joomla Template

Easy to use, implement and support this template has everything you need to run a scalable Joomla website.

Not having these free 013

14. WordPress essentials for business

Create attaractive websites that sells! Take this excellent course on WP essentials for Businesses. This course covers almost all of the WP user interface.

Not having these free 014


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