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6 Must Have Tools to Increase E-Commerce Success

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Research based on the use of mobile devices for online shopping gave us a new standpoint about the way things should run on E-commerce websites. Clearly, they should be responsive websites that support numerous frameworks, layouts, and screen resolutions.

While this became the top reason to search for “responsive” theme designs, store owners quickly realized that this wasn’t the end to their need for mobile-oriented applications and software.

To aid and improve our business transactions, the need for more tools that support a quick and easy way to do business grew. Today, more than ever, we need some of these tools in our pocket to “basket out” our products and “basket in success”.

Here are 6 must-have tools to increase e-commerce success.

1. Click Heat

If you’re curious about which particular pages or heat zones your customers are attracted to, you’ll need to pocket in this tool. Offered by MediaLabs, Clickheat is a tool that essentially tracks clicks on your HTML page(s).

This will show hot and cold areas; hot being the areas most clicked upon and cold—well, you can probably guess. This is going to work on your PC or computer on a browser client, so make sure you go over the requirements before installing.

2. Amung.Us

Any e-commerce website owner would be interested in knowing WHO visits his website and how often. With this simple and easy-to-use website not only can you find out this information, but also the total number of visitors on your website, where they live in the world, what time they visit, and more.

Simply install these stats on your website/blog without the hassle of registration or sign-ups, or even payment. If you’re looking for even more features though you can get it using the Pro account.

3. HootSuite

Worried about your online reputation? E-commerce websites have to deal with a lot of social media buzz. With this app in your pocket, you can do what most marketers are highly concerned about nowadays: managing a social media rep.

You can schedule regular posts to be updated on any number social media networks (LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter and Foursquare).

4. Survey Monkey

Feedback is crucial to any business! Survey monkey is perfect for this purpose. Survey your customers and ask them what they think about your websites, products, or service.

Try to keep your survey short to maximize responses. The best way to serve your customers and promote your business is by catering to their needs. A positive feedback is the best way to create viral word-of-mouth marketing.

Ask them for ideas on promotions and services and encourage honest responses.

5. SiteSpect

Looking for some A/B testing? Testing is crucial for any e-commerce website to figure out what’s working and what isn’t.

With SiteSpect, you can shape up customer experience by figuring out which features, content, and functionally are the most successful. SiteSpect will let you test every aspect of your e-commerce website and make informed decisions about what needs to be modified or intensified.

6. Mail Chimp

Your e-marketing needs can be solved with this one-tap-away solution. MailChimp is a powerful tool used to drive online sales and traffic. How? By letting you create customizable subscribe forms, eye-catchy newsletters, keeping your contacts in one place, and allowing you to automate your emails as per your preferences.

MailChimp will let you select the best time to send emails and select a pre-built WorkFlow that best suits your needs.

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