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Top 5 iOS8 Features for Game and App Developers

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iOS 8, the latest OS update from Apple which is supposed to be released end of this year already came up with 3 Beta versions and is being perceived as truly overwhelming by iOS developers worldwide.

As Apple describes it ‘huge for developers, massive for everyone else’, seems to justify the tremendous potential. This new OS is going to offer a lot of new elements to the benefit of app and game developers.

Besides, unprecedented ease and a lot of new features for the users iOS 8 is going to offer some unprecedented advantages for developing feature rich, fluid games and other apps. Let us have a quick look at the top 5 iOS features for game and app developers.

1. Developer Friendly Advantages of Swift

This year in WWDC the word that took on to the lips of everyone is Swift. Yes, already it created immense enthusiasm and hype among iOS developers because of a wide range of new elements.

Swift, new programming language from Apple is strongly viewed as the single largest development from Apple ever since the development of iOS. It is needless to say that the new iOS 8 is going to be backed by the firepower of Swift.

It is going to benefit app and game developers for iPhone and iPad in multiple ways. Swift not only enables developers to offer more features but it makes the entire development job quicker. Let us sum up below the key benefits of Swift for developers.

  • It is a programming language which is based on objective C for Cocoa and Cocoa Touch but is typically devoid of the ‘baggage of C’. Thus it takes all the known benefits of objective C on the programming front while not carrying the depreciating junks.
  • Apple has been particularly specific in terms of optimizing readability. It resulted in stripping off all unnecessary syntax and a highly optimized readability like Python.
  • Swift is more secure because Apple built Swift removing lot of unsafe codes.
  • There are other measures to make your codes more secure like, initializing variables prior to use and checking arrays for overflows.
  • LLVM compiler in Swift is going to make smooth and fast app performance as it can churn out native codes optimized for the particular iOS device in use.
  • Swift is optimized for glitch-free app development. It comes with a tremendous developer friendly feature called ‘Playgrounds’ that facilitates writing codes and seeing the results in real time.

In all regards, Swift is going to change the way iOS developers dealt with their jobs until now.

2. Performance Driven Game Apps with Metal API

The new Graphics API from Apple which is called Metal is another big plus for iOS developers worldwide. Metal API is going to offer an array of benefits for all developers but more particularly to game developers.

Metal is high-performance graphics API that is going to replace OpenGL in the forthcoming Apple iOS 8 version. From enabling programmers for more stunning and high-performance graphics to better memory engagement Metal API is going to change the way gaming apps used to be developed for Apple devices.

Let us take a quick look at the formidable advantages of Metal API for developers.

  • Better support for multi-processing and much-improved graphics output.
  • Far better memory sharing capability.
  • The ‘unified graphics and compute shading language’ in Metal API results in great performance for stunning visuals in games.
  • Apple built Metal API to challenge gaming consoles in terms of performance and quality.

3. More Engagement with Interactive Notifications and Widgets

In respect of engaging users notifications play a major role and it is also a crucial element for popularizing apps. iOS 8 with its interactive notifications makes this engagement faster, smoother and more instantaneous.

You do not need to open the respective app to respond to the notifications. All notifications in the iOS 8 will display in a smart notification center facilitating fast and instant responding.

Another important development in the iOS 8 is the introduction of smart widgets in the notification center. These smart and interactive widgets continue to give you updates on local weather, stock reports, etc.

Besides the benefit of this notification center and widgets for the users it offers an array of developer friendly benefits.

  • Wider scope for app developers to engage users thanks to all-the-time ready notifications. Developers can now think of introducing a lot of new notifications to make users more engaged with their respective apps.
  • Widgets offer developers chances to come up with more interactive, information rich and real time screens.
  • Now developers can offer a more local and real time optimized notification experience to the app users.

4. Contextual Ease with App Extensions

The new range of app extensions offered on iOS 8 promises most promising results. App extensions typically facilitate interaction among apps and thus making the apps richer with features and interactive elements.

For instance, a photo sharing apps can now help your photo editing app to send and post photo easier. Similarly, the document viewer app or your notebook app can now work more closely with cloud app and thus making document storage easier.

This interaction among apps going to be easier now thanks to app extensions in iOS 8. The potential of this for the developers is truly awesome.

  • App extensions will help developers in developing typically contextual hybrid apps with interactive functionality and feature set.
  • Integration of different contexts and functionalities will broaden the creative scope for app development to an unprecedented level.

HealthKit and HomeKit

These two APIs are finally going to implement the much talked-about concept of ‘internet of things’ for the benefit of users. With HomeKit and HealthKit APIs you can share data among iOS devices and health and home devices.

For instance, your weight measure data shared by the activity tracker can be viewed on your iPhone through the new ‘Health’ app by Apple. Similarly, using your SIRI app on phone you can instruct the thermostat at a specified temperature.

Thanks to these two APIs developers can now create interactive apps that can take these benefits of ‘internet of things’ further.

From faster and quicker programming to high-performance graphics to array of interactive elements, iOS is truly going to offer a larger scope of creativity and brilliance for the app and game developers.

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