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Turn It Over: 4 Effective Ways to Leverage the Back of Your Business Card

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A business card is only effective when coupled with strategy.  A clever message makes an impression, and a poorly constructed card turns potential customers away.   In addition to devoting time and preparation toward a great-looking card, consider what to do with its backside to inspire more sales.

Model a Resume

A resume is full of bullet points, convincing potential employers to give you a job.  Use the same sentiment and structure to make an impression on potential customers.  Use the back of the card to craft succinct bullet points, listing credentials, rewards, and reasons to buy from you.

First impressions count for a lot, especially for small businesses that rely on repeat business and recommendations.

Produce a Calendar

Make the back of the card useful so the potential customer is continually reminded of your business.  Produce a calendar and get on a customer’s refrigerator or bulletin board, making repeat impressions each day.

Take the calendar sentiment a step further, and identify dates or reminders associated to your industry or helpful to the consumer (times to change the batteries in a smoke detector or get a haircut).

Create a Magnet

Magnetize the back of your business card and make it a functional magnet.  Like a calendar, a magnet can be used all the time and make ongoing impressions.  A customer who brings a magnet into a workplace invites added opportunity to make lasting ones.

An alternative twist is magnetizing the back, making the front a piece of cloth to clean the surface of a smart phone.  Everyone is toting a mobile device these days; make your card double as a cleaner.

List the Benefits

Keen marketers know consumers are concerned with benefits and not features of a given product or service.  Features are replete with industry jargon, measurements, etc.

Listing benefits is a conversation customers can understand.  List three or four benefits competitors can’t beat.  Leading vendors, offering Epson Inks products and business card services, provide ideas to those purchasing business cards for the first time.

Present a Discount

Provide handlers with a discount on pending services and products given they present it in person or telephone within a particular timeframe. Vendors may vary little, yet price is a major selling point.  If you’re confident in the company’s ability to satisfy, provide discounts to newcomers and inspire repeat business and regular referrals.

Business cards are staple items of the average businessperson, yet those who are successful use business cards in extraordinary ways.  Create a calendar; present a discount; list benefits; and, use the back of the card in crafty ways to make exceptional impressions.

Make a Friend

Facebook and other social media platforms provide opportunities to connect with existing and potential customers in real time.  List your Facebook account information, Twitter handle, Instagram name, and any pertinent information related to social media.  However, ensure combining business efforts with social media use is a good fit.  Uploading pictures to Instagram works for a photographer but does not apply well to the law industry.

John Sollars is always on the lookout for ways to boost his business. When he finds them, he likes to help others by sharing them on the web. You can find his helpful articles on a variety of websites and blogs.

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