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Is Your Site Already Google Mobile Friendly?

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Many website developers have been failed to sell their project or website just because of it was not responsive yet. As you know, the smartphone and tablet growth has started to grow pretty fast since 2010 and still growing till now.

It was predicted that in 2016, the number of smartphone/tablet owners will triple the number on 2010.

Based on that prediction, at April 21st Zineb Ait Bahajji from Google Webmaster Trends Team launch a new mobile-friendly ranking algorithm that will have more of an impact on Google’s search results than the Google Panda update and the Google Penguin update did.

Now, it is your time to ask yourself: how mobile-friendly is your site?

Being responsive is not only about have different looks when accessed via smartphone, tablet, and PC. The data size also has to be noted.

If you have an image with a size of 2.5 MB while accessed using PC and it is still 2.5 MB while accessed using smartphone/tablet, then it means that your site already responsive but it is not a mobile-friendly site.

To make sure of it, you can use Google Mobile-Friendly Test Page.

If you still have an error like the image above, then you have a serious problem.

To make your site become a Google mobile-friendly site basically is a simple task to do, but for some reason such as you are not a programmer or doesn’t know anything about coding can make this thing worse.

Even though you can find millions of programmers around the world who can be hired to clean up those messes, you need to know a bit about what you need and what to be done. We already made several ‘to do’ list for you or your programmers:

  • Font Size & Color

People love to have a small font size due design aesthetic, but for some reason Google hates it.

When you access a website from a smartphone/tablet, the fonts should be clean and easy to read. Zooming is not an option as it can be frustrating and wasting time, your client will go away from your site instantly.

Clean means the text is easy to read, for example, if you already have a 30 px font size with red color, but the background you are using is also red, you already fail.

  • Space Before & After a Links

Clicking on the link(s) can sometimes be annoying on the touchscreen, especially for people with a big thumb.

You should pay an attention while designing your site, mobile and desktop are like two different worlds. Using @media at your CSS file is a good option.

  • Too Many Description

Longer the description at a single page will mean running away from the potential client. You need to make your mobile layout be different than the desktop version.

People hate to scroll down, that’s the point.

  • Page Speed

As right now Google will prioritize a site with quick loading speed. Make sure if you are removing an unnecessary object from your mobile layout.

Don’t know how to make it?

About the question above, it is up to you. To make a Google mobile friendly isn’t too hard.

You just need to using MobileView Plugin at your WordPress site as a free. With MobileView, you don’t even need a programmer to remake your WordPress based site. One click and everything is already done, pretty simple for an amazing result.

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