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Monitive – New Generation Website Monitoring Service

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When starting a new business, it would be ideal if you had the time to focus on and to make sure that the most important aspects are thoroughly taken care of.

Well, as far as your online services are concerned there is something that will detect and report you when something is not working the way it was supposed to be.

This valuable assistant is called Monitive and it is an effective website monitoring that will allow you to relax while it makes it possible for your website to be up and healthy.

But, I am sure that before you will choose Monitive you would like to make sure that this is the best monitor website for you.

As a result, in the following paragraph you will learn which are the features and the benefits that this program will offer to you.Monitive new generation 01


Among the best advantages that this uptime monitoring service has prepared for you, it is important to mention the fact that it will automatically check your websites every minute and it will notify you when a problem is discovered.

As far as the notifications are concerned there are diverse alerting options, these being sent via SMS text messages, e-mail or twitter direct messages.

Also, they have the possibility to check your services from more than ten countries, such as: USA, Canada, United Kingdom, France, and so on. And, a diagnosis procedure is triggered after three minutes of downtime, in order to investigate what is wrong with your services.

Besides that, thanks to the fact that you will get a daily, monthly and yearly uptime for your services, you will be able to draw the line at the end of the year and obtain a valid uptime value.

You will show transparency to your users, by displaying the status of your services and plus everything is updated, since Android and BlackBerry apps are available.

Monitive new generation 02

When it comes to money, they have different prices, considering your business plans. For instance, if you are a blogger you will get the service for free, but you won’t receive any messages and they will automatically check your blog every ten minutes.

A freelancer will pay $9, a small firm $19, a medium company $49 and a large company $165. If you would like to get yearly plans, you should hurry up, because they have a limited time offer, in which they have 50% discounts on all yearly billings. And, besides that they also have a fifteen day trial, in which no credit card is required.

Monitive new generation 03

If you would like to collaborate with this server monitor program, you should know that there are three ways in which you could do it.

First of all, you may become a Monitive hosting partner, which means that you should place a badge on your homepage and you should provide them a small hosting account.

Second of all, you can check out the affiliate system section, which means that you will have to refer customers to Monitive, and then you will get a commission from every payment that your referrals make.

And last but not least, if you have an open-source project you could get sponsored by Monitive, if you will instead place a badge on your homepage.

This is what you should know about Monitive; as you can see if you want your online services to be in good hands you should definitely rely on monitive.com.

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