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Top 5 Online Plagiarism Checkers

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Plagiarism can be a student’s best friend when it comes to assignments but when it is used in web-o-sphere by rookie bloggers; it can lead to termination of their job as a writer as the internet is now filled with countless plagiarism checkers.

In case, a newbie starts copy pasting articles on its own blog, Google Panda is now all but ready to strike such a site.

Here today we have compiled a list of the top five online plagiarism checkers that can help you determine the uniqueness of an article under less than a minute:

1) PlagiarismChecker.com

The most reliable website to check for plagiarism is undoubtedly plagiarismchecker as it is not only free but really easy to use.

The website is very unique in the sense that it has no limit when it comes to the number of words present in an article; something which other insanely popular plagiarism checkers don’t offer!

2) Plagiarisma.net

Out of the rest of the prevalent tools available on the internet to check for copy-paste issue, Plagiarisma reigns supreme as it can independently scan articles on Bing, Yahoo and Google to check their uniqueness.

Also packed with no word limit option, it is able to test numerous types of files such as html, odt, pdf, txt, doc, docx etc. against more than one file.

What makes Plagiarisma attractive is that it shows the similarities if the tested material in the form of percentage while highlighting unique sentences.

3) ReprintWriters.com

By targeting Yahoo, the website is able to observe the word strings of our desired material and compares it.

In a short amount of time, the website shows you replicas available on Yahoo along with their quantities. Reprint Writer’s Tool is absolutely free.

4) CheckForPlagiarism.net

Originally built for high school students, CheckForPlagiarism.net is available in multiple languages and can also manage papers when it comes to determining plagiarism. The tool has the ability to scan five files and costs 20 dollars.

5) CopyScape.com

Unlike many of the online tools and websites available to check for plagiarism, copyscape.com has facilities free of cost but also paid services as well.

With a free account you can only look for plagiarism in a published article via its URL.

Copyscape has long been in the industry and is empowered with a strong ability to detect plagiarism (even if a article is a spinned article), you will certainly feel your money well spent when you own its premium account.

Honorable Mentions:

This list of online plagiarism checkers cannot be justified without mentioning these names too:

  • Duplichecker.com
  • Dustball.com
  • PlagiarismSoftware.net
  • DocCop.com

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