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How to Design the Perfect Logo?

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The company’s logo is the first impression that a client will have the business. Good branding is a must for every company in order to make the clients to involve themselves with the products as visual perception is the first impression for most of them.

In today’s competitive world, the companies are becoming very particular about this. They want it to be the best in every respect so that they can stand out from their competitors.

An attractive symbol and branding can add wonders to the company’s image by promoting the professionalism and telling the potential customers about the quality of their brand.

A logo is a symbol or a graphic element that shows the main orientation of the brand or the company. An amazing symbol helps the people connect themselves to the products of the company.

Whether you are designing it for a new company or you are redesigning it for an already existing brand, it has to be perfect in every sense.

Why a Perfect and Professionally Looking Logo

Here are the reasons as to why your company needs a professionally designed logo.

  • Great impressions are created with an amazing symbol
  • Attract new clients
  • Earn trust with professionalism and honesty
  • Help stand out in your field
  • Offers a sense of stability for your customers
  • Increase your company’s integrity
  • Convey your establishment
  • Adds flexibility

If you are already an established company but are not getting enough clients from the market, then it means it’s time for you to change your brand logo.

Here are the signs that show that your company’s logo needs to be redesigned.

  • It doesn’t adapt to the modern media
  • It is not as appealing as the customer’s
  • It is too complex
  • It does not represent your current business

If you are thinking that the designing is simple then you are wrong, it is actually the most complex part that is directly linked to the marketing of the brand.

Here is the list of some designs principles that every designer needs to follow in order to create a perfect door of entrance for the clients.

Should be Used on a Range of Media

In earlier days, the print or the color does not matter much as compared to now. The modern logo has become perfect enough to be printed on a T-shirt or on a business card.

The quality should also be perfect and elegant for e.g. Nike’s logo is just a small black swoosh, but it looks same on all media and people can recognize it easily.

Easy to Understand

Simplicity is the key to an amazing logo and there are many different factors that lead to this.

1. Color

Every color of nature represents something in itself, like blue color makes us to imagine a sea, red means danger, green means nature. Using each color at its best will control our thoughts in a good way.

Different color combinations can be used, but the selection of colors needs to be perfect.

2. Shape

Shape is an important part of designing. A complex shape puts people in a difficult position and it becomes hard for them to understand the basic meaning of the graphical symbol.

3. Font

Using Comic Sans, Times New Roman is a bad choice of fonts. The font should be chosen such that the brand looks unique and different from others. 50% of the success depends on the type of font chosen and it is better to avoid trendy fonts that may hide the real meaning of the logo.

Avenir, Frutiger and Helvetica are some of the good font families that can be used.

4. Why? Who? What?

Before designing, you must answer the below questions.

  • Why do you need it?
  • What is the purpose of it?
  • Who is the target group?

It Should be Impressive

Designing an impressive logo will take you closer to the potential customers. An original one is a plus point in an economically powerful world and it also allows the customers to build trust with the company as well.

Simplicity is Best

The people should be able to understand and memorize it easily, but this does not mean that the designers will not add creativity. A simple and a great designed logo do not need anyone else to communicate with clients as it speaks for itself.

There are many big brands with very simple logos and still they are among the top list of brands. Nike, McDonald has very simple logos, but people recognize them with their small symbols only.

Choosing the Type

There can be different types, but it solely depends on the type of company to decide on the type of logo they want for their brand.

If the organization is already popular, then a watermark logo will personalize the company’s brand image. But if the company name is generic, then choosing a mnemonic logo will make it stand out.

There are some companies that prefer to use both the mnemonic and watermark types. Some of the examples include Toyota, Lacoste, etc.


A logo cannot stand on its own and it is actually accompanied by a coherent identity system. There is a mixture of different elements like color, typography, and photography that can add a lot to the logo.

Bespoke Typography

Bespoke type cannot be used by anyone else and it is the best way to establish a tone of voice. It was quite expensive in the past, but nowadays a lot has changed in it and it has become less expensive as well.

Cadbury logo is distinct and no other brand can copy that. This is easily recognizable and memorable as well for the people.


It should always be surprising, unique and innovative. This is the starting point of designing and anything after this is completely allowed. The logo should be designed in such a way that it easily communicates everything to the client.

Choosing a Logo Designer

It is necessary to choose the best designer and viewing the previous work samples is one of the best ways to know them initially. If the designer has a large portfolio, then it will surely make you more confident about their work.

Having small conversations and talks will make you better understand the designer. If you have a small business, then it is not a good option to pay a huge amount and it is better to ask others at what price they are offering to the designers. Even the best designers can only work when they are clear about the requirements.

Designing an amazing logo for the brand can take a lot of time and effort. When you know that the design is timeless, you will be able to see the insight.

It should not be a quick decision; you should understand the brand, the customers, and the products first before designing a logo. It will take time to research for a perfect symbol, but it is worth doing it in a right way.

There are a lot of brands that keep changing their logos with the passage of time, but there are others that have not changed and updated their logo since the beginning. This is the reason to make it timeless so that the customers remember it by heart.

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