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Platforms to Help You Reach Your Base

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With social media having made as much of an impact on people’s personal lives as anything could, businesses quickly realized how much potential these platforms had for marketing, networking and showcasing, and jumped on the bandwagon. Now, it’s uncommon to see a business that goes without any form of social media marketing, especially as many platforms have a low cost of entry and provide such vast access to audiences. However, each one comes with their own special appeal for businesses, due to how they each draw different users.

You might not be fully aware of the variety of platforms at your disposal, and what they can offer you, and not all of these are strictly confined to the realms of social media. This post is here to help.

Fundraising Platforms

You might spend so much time thinking about the best ways to further communicate with your audiences, that you might not think about how they might feel towards you. Once you’ve gone through the effort of establishing a strong and trusting dynamic with your customers or clients, you might be in a position where your audience is happy to help towards your next fundraising venture.
To do this effectively, though, you need to find the right platform for you and your organization. The type of organization that you run or the sector that you’re in, will define this, and for companies like non-profits, Tatango is an option that should spring to mind. However, if you’re in the game development industry, platforms like Kickstarter can help to get enthusiasm and funding behind your project.

Streaming Platforms

While not a marketing approach that every business is going to feel equally enthused about, video streaming platforms, such as Twitch, allow for a high level of discourse and interaction between you and your viewers. This might work particularly well for when you want to share works in progress with your customers, or perhaps have Q&A sessions, but the transparency and lack of structure behind it can provide you with an informality that, while potentially daunting, might endear you more to your audiences.

It’s no secret that few people are keen on the typical corporate jargon that seems to run through so many PR statements, and trying to slightly remove yourself from this might yield a positive result.

Survey Platforms

Perhaps the way in which you’re trying to reach your audience is one that leaves you more knowledgeable than when you started. In this way, you might explicitly be looking for customer feedback, something that can be achieved through survey platforms. While you might be familiar with such methods from earlier attempts to receive customer feedback, making it easy for your audiences to access these links by sharing them through your social media platform, as well as the anonymity that comes with them, can make them a more appealing option.

With several different options to choose from, you can whittle them down to one that allows you to ask the questions most relevant to your business and your future.

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