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Why to Redesign Your Website to Increase Traffic & Sales?

Anjana Ratadiya 0

Everyone wants to grow their business to generate more revenue from it.

Most of the business owners have websites and know the importance of it. If you really don’t know or don’t care about your business website, then try to expand your knowledge. Your website is the great tool for expanding your business.

If you have a brand new website with awesome design, then you are awesome.


If you have an old looking outdated website then must read ahead.

Your outdated website surely fails to attract the visitors.

I will explain 7 reasons why you should redesign your old website.

1. Is Design of Your Old website is very ugly?

Answer: Look always matter because it creates the first impression on users’ mind. If your website doesn’t look sufficiently good, I am afraid visitors may leave your website.Create an outstanding website that people love to view it.

2. Is your website made in Flash?

Answer: It’s horrible. It does not about look but most search engines can’t crawl flash websites properly. It results in very low search engine ranking and ultimately results in low traffic on your website.

3. Is your website too Slow?

Answer: No one has more than 5 seconds to wait for your website is loaded. You know why? Because they have many options. They can go to the SERP (Search Engine Result Page) and click the next result.

4. Is your website not Responsive?

Answer: Is your website is not looking proper on all devices? Then you are losing much traffic from mobiles and tablets. Day by day use of mobiles and tablets is increasing, so make your website responsive.

5. Is your visitors do not Stick around rather are not converting?

Answer: If you are successful to get clicks on your site, then it’s good. But, what after that? It will not helpful to you if you are unable to stick customers on your site to convert your visitors into customers.The solution is: Think like a visitor and rebuilt your website for visitors, provide informative by keeping user perspective in mind.

6. Do you have change your Brand Message?

Answer: If you have changed your brand message, then you must have to look of your website. Let people know your new message properly.

7. Is it difficult to update content and maintain the website?

Answer: If you have a static website, then you have to update your source code to add or update content or any new feature. It’s difficult for a non-technical person to handle all these. So, sometimes you don’t update your content and it makes your website outdated. People and search engines, both want fresh content.If you want easy management of your website then, build your website using CMS like WordPress, Joomla, Drupal, Magento etc. You can easily maintain it. You don’t need programming knowledge to handle it. The WordPress is the easiest CMS among them.

By redesigning a website, you can create a gorgeous website that people love to visit. Create the proper strategy for redesigning and You will surely Rock!!!

Warning: Don’t lose your current traffic while website redesigning!

While redesigning the website, keep the new URLs same as Old URLs(if possible). By doing it, you will get link juice of your old page to the new page. But don’t worries, if your old URLs are not optimized or you have a new idea for URLs, then you can use 301 redirections to get link juice of old URLs.

Redirect your old URLs to related new URLs and if any of your old URL unable to get relevant new URL, then you can redirect it to the homepage.

It helps to redesign your website without losing traffic or sales.

Yeah… Now, No worries about losing your old traffic

Final Thought:

If you have made up your mind for redesigning a website, please do market research; get a thought from competitor’s websites, search current trends, create an awesome content strategy and finally create the website redesigning strategy. Yes, you can ask for an opinion of your trusted customer that what they are expecting from you. And you will get an idea about your customers.

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