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How to Do Social Media Efforts Being Busy with SEO

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The life of a WordPress website webmaster is tough, there’s so much information overload on the one core concern – getting more traffic for their website! Of course, there are identified channels that deserve more attention and effort than others, two momentous ones being SEO and Social Media.

Agreed, there are tonnes of WordPress plugins that claim to offer one-shop solutions to everything that a webmaster could want. Then, what’s the fuss all about?

We try to surface out the intricacies of your quest for the best from the world of SEO and Social Media plugins by underscoring the most indispensable functions that they offer. We then wind up the discussion with the hard-boiled, unquestionable and time established truth of all the hoopla about SEO and social media plugins for WordPress.

The EVERYTHING of SEO Plugins for You!

Attention – there are 100s of SEO plugins out there. How do you identify the most useful ones? What are the SEO bare essentials that you need to be covered? Well, here’s a breakup of the most distinct and important services that SEO plugins have to offer.

Meta Headers and Descriptions that are Tailor-made for SEO

WordPress SEO plugins focusing on assisting webmasters with meta descriptions, headers and tags boast of features such as keyword focused suggestions, automatic pop-ups of meta description tags after you draft a post, and check for the relevance of the headers, descriptions, page URL, page title and article headings to the keywords being targeted.

Bulk and batch editing and updating of meta tags, titles and descriptions is another coveted function with SEO plugins, helping you quickly upgrade the SEO quotient of your website.

Mastering Permalinks, Page Redirects, and Breadcrumbs

Managing Permalinks is an integral SEO housekeeping task, and SEO plugins are of utmost assistance in this regard, performing functions such as redirecting ugly and mistype URLs to the correct URLs, and automatically removing of stop words from your slugs (as recommended by Google).

Automatic redirecting of posts and pages to their updated versions is also a commonly forgotten and mismanaged SEO housekeeping task, which plugins perform with precision.

Then, adding Breadcrumbs to make the navigation structure of your website clearer to viewers as well as Google is also facilitated by sophisticated SEP plugins.

Giving Panda and Penguin what they Want Most

The SEO environment is constantly upgrading, and it can be naive on your part to assume that you can live with your frozen plans. Panda and Penguin (Google’s algorithm updates) are wielding their wands, and it is for you to leverage adept SEO plugins to stay safe.

SEO plugins for content management identify duplicate content, lightly written posts and otherwise insubstantial content from your website and help you draft your posts better, to please Panda.

Then, you’d do well to use link analysis plugins to disallow link juice from flowing out of your website through unrelated outbound links, and identifying useless inbound links that Penguin will deem appropriate to punish.

Internal Link Management, Speed Enhancement and More

SEO plugins extend way beyond the bare essentials of website SEO management and prove substantially helpful in managing important aspects such as:

  • Dynamic update of posts URLs based on internal linking through post IDs
  • Avoiding internal 404 error pages
  • Image SEO management with image titles and alt tags
  • Website speed enhancement plugins based on jQuery
  • Creation and submission of XML sitemaps to search engines

The EVERYTHING of Social Media plugins for you!

Though the scope of social media plugins is not as limitless and expansive as SEO plugins, you can still not hope to head out on a goose search in the dark, with dozens of social media plugins calling you out.

Why not be smart about the task, and identify the outcomes you want for making your social media strategies a success, and then map these to the best social media plugins on offer? Ready to begin? Here goes –

All in One Social Connection Boxes

Even if you have a business or personal profile on just the top 5 social networks, it would make a lot of sense to organize connections to them in a section. With social media plugins that leverage jQuery to create filterable tiles, rotating feed buttons, fluidic sidebars and more, you have several options to consider. You can also use social media plugins that let you connect you to dozens of networks in one go.

Automatic Publish Content to your Social Network Pages

If you maintain a regularly updated website and have multiple social media profiles to make matters more complicated, automatic social share plugins are the godsend for you.

These plugins ensure that your content is visible on your social pages, with a link to the original website page. You can customize how much of the post content is made available for preview on your social pages.

Monitor the Success of Social Media Campaigns

Monitoring and auditing plugins help you by creating reports with information on which of your social buttons are most clicked, what kind of content is re-shared most often, what time of the day sees most social action, and more.

With this insight, you can easily focus your efforts towards social channels with the most returns.

The Real Truth About WordPress SEO and Social Media Plugins

We come to the business end of this discussion. Now that you know of all the magic that these plugins can conjure, can you safely assume that you have the SEO and social media battles won? The answer – a resounding and resonating NO. Here is the reason behind why we say so.

Plugins are, at their core, merely blocks of code that can do tasks quicker and better. SEO and Social media, in terms of making your websites successful, are strategic channels that need a lot of planning, informed strategics, and surgically precise execution.

Even the best SEO and social media plugins will just help you with the last bit, that’s the execution. The onus of chalking out a winning strategy, diligently breaking it into tasks and then identifying the best plugins for those tasks rests on you, and that’s why some websites are really successful whereas others are just frantically looking for more plugins!


Learn as much as possible about successful SEO and social media strategy management, and then map appropriate plugins to affect your plans. You shall smell success really soon. Happy SEO-ing and SOCIALizing!

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