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Latest Twitter Tools Rocking the market

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Twitter is one of the strongest social media marketing sites in Internet, that had not only expanded most of the businesses over net but also helped in getting more potential clients for businesses.

Some of the Latest Twitter Toolswhich are rocking the market are given below for your reference.Latest twitter tools 01

1-      Twitter Tools

You can easily use this twitter tool on your WordPress blog and can turn out your blog headlines into tweets and also your tweets into content for your blog.

You can simply drag this widget into your Wordpres sidebar which will display your latest tweets to your blog readers.

2-      Tweetburner

Tweetburner is powerful Twitter tool which shortens and tracks your links that has been send out via Twitter.

You can easily track your links by getting the full knowledge about the number of clicks your latest blog or article has generated. It is a great measure which can help you, check the popularity of your content.

3-      TweetDeck

This is a wonderful twitter tool that not only shows you the last 200 tweets made by your followers and followees but it also helps in organizing the replies that were directed to you, the direct messages, search terms and the latest activities and news. These all are displayed into manageable columns.

4-      Twhirl

This is a similar twitter tool as a tweet deck but its Importance is that, it helps you in accessing multiple accounts directly through the software.

With the help of this tool you can manage separate business and personal accounts simultaneously without losing track of either of them.

5-      Twittercal

This twitter tool is yet another latest and powerful tool that helps you in integrating your Google calendar with your Twitter account.

Simply add anyone as a friend and you can have your events, to-Do, and reminders, tweeted directly to your Google Calendar.

This you can check out at every minute while also checking your e-mails and doing other things at your Google account.

6-      Twitter Timer

This is a simple reminder tool which helps you out in reminding you while you are busy with other things on twitter.

To activate it and get reminders from twitter you have to just follow @Timer and send a direct message to it like 25 min. study time.

It will automatically remind you that after 25 minutes it’s your study time and you have to close Twitter.

7-      GroupTweet

This is a perfect twitter tool which helps the big groups and group of friends to share their tweets with other group of friends regarding the projects, web development ideas, blogging, businesses, etc..

This tool also help you out in  receiving client-confidential information. Registering is as simple as creating a group name and making its settings private in Twitter.

8-      Qwitter

This is also a best tool to manage your followers as this tool alert you when any of your follower starts un-follow you.

You can easily find out when you get un-followed by using the Qwitter. It also shows you the tweet you have posted that had caused this follower to un-follow you.

Hence this is a best tool to figure out what tweets are gaining you more followers and what not.

9-      TweetLater

This twitter tool, as the name suggests helps you in scheduling your tweets for a later tweeting.

You can add later Date/time as you prefer and it will save you in just gluing you with twitter and allows you to do some more important tasks when you are not tweeting.

This is not all but this also helps you out in getting email-alerts according to the keywords you registered and also sends a “Thank You” message to the new followers of yours. It also handles multiples accounts you have.

These simple but superb Twitter tools are now rocking the market and helping out everyone in getting more exposure with half the effort with your social networking and advertising through this social media networking sites.

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