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Auto Update Your Copyright In WordPress

Jerry Low 0

Have you ever come across a website with a copyright statement saying out of date? This is very common mistake even with big corporate blogs also.

But for a new blog this mistake might lead to unwanted consequences too. I have come across many new blogs also where there’s no copyright statement at all.

Many bloggers consider it to be a minor issue, but from the standpoint of professionalism and branding one must have a copyright notice as footer in the blog with the correct year.

Even though it is just a simple task that involves logging into your WordPress admin panel and find the part that says the copyright statement in the footer.php and change it with the current date.

But to be very true, many of us still forget to update this every year. A simple and short solution to this big problem is to automate this, so that you never have to think of it all the time. Here’s how you can Do it in WordPress.

Steps To Auto-Update Your Copyright in WordPress

  • The very first step includes logging into your WordPress and going to the Theme Editor.
  • From the Theme Editor, select “footer.php”.
  • If there’s any existing copyright statement, delete it first and insert the following code;
&copy; 2010 – <?php echo date(Y); ?>
  • At the next step replace “2010” in the code with the date you started your blog.
  • In addition, if you want to put your name also along with the copyright statement you can very well go ahead with it. But make sure that you do not disturb the PHP date tag, while doing so.
Now that you do not have to update the date every year since the  <?php echo date(‘Y’); ?> will automatically pull the current year from your web server.
So that now your web server has to be set with the correct date in order to reflect the correct date in your copyright statement.

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