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10 Useful jQuery Plugins Of All Time

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jQuery now being used in over 40% of all web sites, the demand for its plugins is always high.

jQuery community is up to date and helped jQuery lovers to play around it without much programming knowledge.

Though there are free and paid plugins, its nice to spend few dollars and buy it rather hire somebody to develop.

jQuery, i’m lovin it 🙂

Lets find 10 useful plugins of all time.

1. Making a Photo shoot Effect With Jquery

2. Sliding Panel Photo wall Gallery

3. A jquery Plugin for inflating Web type

4. I phone Slide to unlock

5. Jscratchcard Plugin

6. Image lens Plugin

7. J photo grid

8. Ios Like home Screen with Coffee Script

9. Easy Image zoom Jquery Plugin

10. Chained Select Jquery Plugin

Author Bio – Lief is a creative designer, blogger and iPhone app developer. He works for several companies as freelancer contributing brushes, filters and helping designers across blogosphere. In his free time he participates in logo design contests at LogoArena to showcase his talent, In fact he won few contests too.

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