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Wazala – Selling Products Online Made Easy

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E-Business has been rapidly increasing day by day with the wide usage of Internet all over the World.  E-shopping is attracting most of the people in the world for doing shopping as it is saving both money and time for both the buyer as well as seller.

It is very easy to start an online store within 15 minutes with the help of top ecommerce websites such as Wazala, which builds your online store in 15 minutes.

You need not require any knowledge of coding and can simply integrate with step by step instructions.

Wazala shopping cart helps in simple integration of shopping cards to your existing website or blog.

Wazala features

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ome of the attractive features of Wazala are mentioned below which are very useful for businesses of new business starters online.

Get your own URL:

You can get your own store-name.wazala.com URL, Your own Wazala Touch mobile ecommercestore which is latest feature of Wazala.com where your customers can do online shopping through there Android, iphones. You also have the option of having your own domain name.

Connect your online store with social media

Wazala helps in collaborating your online store into all your existing websites, blogs, and social profiles by which your friends and fans know about it.

You also have the option to add wazala to your facebook business pages and sell your products online. Each product comes with separate URL by this you can share in all the social media networking sites.

Attract more customers:

Wazala adds a simple and beautiful online store button to your website and when this store button is clicked the site dims and the store opens as a light box within your own site.  Hence the customer will not be redirected anywhere else for purchasing and you can add features like online cart etc within the site and also you can track Inventory status, record of total orders of particular day and also it appears in about 15 languages.

Multiple Product Images and Options:

Wazala helps in creating products with different size or color options, switch the displayed image based on customer selection of product options by which you can keep your customer engaged.

Receive payments:

Your business can sell online receive payments through widely used payment platforms like Google check out, Paypal and can authorize the widely used payment platforms for accepting credit cards and online payment for online stores, ecommerce platforms and shopping carts.

Overall Wazala is one of the best suggested solutions for your online business and hassle free business online.

You can get some of the best features which are only possible through Wazala. You can earn money online for your products anywhere in the world using Wazala.

With flexible payment options, Wazala is the ideal option for your customers to pay for your products online.


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