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5 Latest Web Design Trends That You Will Notice in 2015

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Today, an evolving technology hit the market with surprising and advanced features. You have to be with the changing technology if want to hike your business. Websites with alluring features make a huge difference when it comes to promoting your business.

Websites are like the face of your business.

As per an Iron Paper statistics, 48% people believe: “Website is an important factor in deciding the credibility of a business.”

With an emerging web and graphic design industry, webmasters need to revive their sites for a more intricate design.

Redesigning the websites not only increases the traffic but even satisfies the needs of users. Your website needs to be upgraded every year. And now you are about to welcome the new year, 2015. How to improve your web-design this year?

Being a web designer, I can forecast the top 5 website design changes that you will notice this 2015.

1. Mobile-friendly Design

Your website must work for both mobile devices and desktop as well. But, mobile design should be given more priority. Because 50% or above searches are made through mobile devices. Your business should look for mobile-friendly designs otherwise you might lose half of the opportunities for your new business.

Web designers come up with innovative ideas to lure the customers. Especially, mobile-friendly devices demands a responsive design.

Responsive design automatically adjusts to support the width of different devices and stay fully functional.

In simple understanding, Responsive designs react quickly on environment based on platform, orientation, screen size and user’s behavior as well.

2. Play with Images!

People judge the website from its design, functionality, information it offers and other unique features. But, the first feature that makes you fall in love is, Website Images!

Images and videos have skyrocketed over past few year and will continue in 2015 as well.

User prefers images over content. It’s time consuming and hard to understand the websites overloaded with text. Say good-bye to text heavy sites.

People want 2 features, when they look for website images:

  • High resolution images
  • Infographics

Website images should be unique, powerful, relevant and most of all, it must represent your business well. Always choose right image for your website.

Be careful when choosing a large background image!

Large image for background is a better option than just a formal layout. But choose image with a care. Because huge images slow down your page load with 1-5 seconds. This result in poor search optimization and even user might click away from your site.

How to choose the best background image? Here is the answer

3. User specific content!

Content is the king of marketing world today. It has the power to turn customers into buyers and eventually hike your business revenues.

User satisfaction is the main goal behind creating website content. For this, content should not only be unique, but even have:

  • Compelling text
  • Emotional words
  • Real examples
  • Engaging style

Small Suggestion:

SEO copywriting changes with the changing algorithm. It’s better to give the user number one priority and adopt a user generated approach. Give SEO strategy, the second priority.

Always write for people first and search engine second.

4. Gorgeous Typefaces!

Typography, a web-design that makes the use of typefaces (array of fonts) as a means of communication. Prior it was very expensive for website owners to play with typography, but now it is not the case. Because Google fonts offer free type kits, that allows designer freedom regardless of budget.

Your typography will change the overall look of your site, so don’t miss out this feature this year. Choose the right typography for your design.

5. Ghost Buttons – A Brand New Design Trend!

Don’t be scared from the name! Ghost buttons, a prevailing trend that is creating a great buzz among website owners.

What are ghost buttons?

Ghost button is a basic shape with transparent background, usually described with thin solid border. Such buttons are called ghost buttons because though it has nothing to do with website, ghost buttons transfer its genetic traits into graphics and becomes an indistinguishable part, just like a ghost. Eventually it adds an integral elements with its strong appeal and personal charm.

Above 5 trends will surely make your web design, stand out of others in 2015.

Other changes that might follow these 5 trends are:

  • Scrolling instead of clicking
  • Micro-interaction in specific website module
  • UX personalization
  • Better card design


Dynamic and flexible business websites convert your customers into potential buyers. Adopting the latest design trend will grab more user attention and satisfy their needs. Update your business site frequently with compelling features and boost business revenues.

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