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Why WordPress is an Ideal Choice for Your Website?

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Whether you are an organization or an individual, a website representing your organizational or personal brand identity and values thereof is a must. After all, anybody from across the world can be a potential client of your services.

A website provides an easy way for your existing and potential customers to find you and know basic information about your organization or your individual services.

One of the most effective platforms for building your website is the WordPress platform. The content management system with its simplicity to use and customization has been the fastest growing CMS for many years. Let us see what has contributed to the CMS’s popularity and why should you be using it too:

Build A Multi-Purpose Website

You can build a multi-purpose website by employing plugins, rendering functionalities such as e-commerce or a directory. With suitable plugins, you can even include a feature of playing audio or video files.

Thus, you can provide basic information about your organization and sell your products on the same website by the use of the e-commerce plugin. Similarly, if you are an artist, you can build your portfolio and also include your musical works on the same website.

Moreover, with the availability of a huge number of developers rendering services for WordPress Development in India and across the world, quality WordPress websites with a great many functionalities can be built.

Deliver A Quality User Experience

There are two parts to user experience- an aesthetic design and useful functionalities. WordPress holds the capability to deliver both by offering plugins and themes. So, with an appropriate theme, you can give a suitable feel to your website.

That is, for instance, if you want to make a website whose target audience is teenage girls, you can choose a girlish theme and so forth. Themes can be either chosen from the wide array of themes provided by WordPress or you can have a custom theme built for you by a WordPress Website Design Company. It is worthy to note that employing a custom theme can help you stand out from your competitors.

The second aspect of delivering a great user experience is including interactive features on your website. With plugins such as live chat, gallery, maps and etc. you can achieve this with ease. Moreover, you can even choose to integrate custom built plugins into your website.

Create A Responsive Website

With a growing number of people using a wide range of devices, it is important to ensure an optimal viewing experience for everyone. WordPress offers this much-needed website responsiveness by offering the use of the WP Mobile Detector and WPTouch Plugin.

The former detects the kind of phone through which a WordPress website is being accessed and consequently, loads a compatible theme for a standard phone. The latter, on the other hand, optimizes your website’s images in accordance with your visitor’s phone screen density, and also makes the loading of your website’s pages faster.

Great For Inbound Marketing

With useful social media and SEO plugins, WordPress offers great scope for inbound marketing activities for your website. For instance, with the Yoast SEO plugin, you can optimize your website by adding meta description and meta keywords to your website’s posts and track traffic with the Google Analytics plugin.

Moreover, you can enable social media sharing of your website content with the ShareThis and Easy Social Share plugins. Thus, with better search engine optimization and better scope for social media sharing, you can drive more traffic to your website.

Large Community Of WordPress Developers

There exists a thriving community of WordPress developers. Availability of skilled developers ensures that your WordPress website can be made without many hassles. Moreover, selecting a suitable and reputable company for your project will ensure quality execution of your website project.

Thus, the useful capabilities of the WordPress platform and the availability of skilled talent that can tap these capabilities perfectly makes the platform an ideal choice for creating websites that stand as impressive online representations of your business or individual brand.

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